Help Protect Our Lovely Wildlife

13 Jan 2018
When a developer is interested in a site they have to do something called a ‘desktop survey’ before they do anything else. This means contacting the KMBRC and asking them to pull out any records on flora and fauna on the proposed site. If no flora and fauna have been recorded then none will be flagged up. The developer then sends in their own Ecologists. Finding dormice, bats, great crested newts or early spider orchids, for example, can delay a development and cost the developer a lot in mitigation etc. and in some rare cases prevent a development from even going ahead. So it’s imperative that all flora and fauna is recorded with the KMBRC.

By the time it gets to the point of a planning application/committee it is hard to protect what is there in terms of wildlife. People need to be much more proactive and record every bit of flora and fauna from earwigs to bats, dormice and orchids, trees to rare/wildflowers with the Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre (KMBRC), here is the link,

We have time to do this now before the developer starts their environmental work. So please get on your walking shoes, rack your memories, pull out the binoculars and get this website up to date. If you can all get involved in recording the nature all around the villages and the application area that would be great, but please stick to the Countryside Code!

It would be interesting to see what we all find; we know there are bats, badgers and newts birds of prey, orchids etc but it's important to say exactly where and how many. Please make sure you document all finds with KMBRC and also let us know if you find anything of significance - drop us an email to help us with our own evidence base.

Don’t know what you are looking at then see the KMBRC page This has lots of useful info and links.