Unite against the Kent Science Park

23 Aug 2006

ONE thing seems clear — the majority of the town seems to oppose the science park proposal.

The townspeople of Sittingboume have fought against developments before and we can do so again.

Sometimes it can feel daunting, even pointless, taking on developers when you know they have the the money, desire and the backing of local government, but a shining ray of hope comes from Dartford in the form of a proposed development that was thrown to the wall by Local Government Minister Ruth Kelly. Kelly said the cost on the environment was too high and local opinion united against it.

This is a democracy and we have a choice. We have a local election before any decision is made — let the electorate fire a warning shot against the bows of our Tory-run council.

Come on Sittingbourne, unite against this, save our countryside and send the developers packing.

Andrew Tomes,
Fox Hill, Bapchild.