Tory masterpiece of science fiction

27 Sep 2006
CONGRATULATIONS to the chairman of Bapchild Parish Council for nailing the slippery machinations of local Tory politicians (Letters, September 13).

There is a conspiracy of interests that wants to foist the Kent Science Park on us. It begins with Tory-controlled KCC, then Tory-controlled Swale Council. It is continued by Locate in Kent, a business quango, and made worse by the downright misinformation that Gordon Henderson peddles as the Tory media spokesperson and putative candidate for this constituency.

He always says that the housing element of the plans for the science park is because of John Prescott. This is untrue. The housing is required to create what is called in planning circles a "section 106" to build the extension from the A2 to the M2 (the southern ring road), no more no less. It has nothing to do with the Government or John Prescott.

I have had three debates about the Kent Science Park in the House of Commons. I'm the only MP to have been granted three debates on a single topic. I have resolutely opposed the scheme from beginning to end. I was the only MP to attend both the Kent and Medway Structure Plan Inquiry on the science park and the local inquiry by Swale Council. I looked, but could not find Mr Henderson at either. Maybe he thinks politics just means writing lots of letters to the newspaper, rather than getting genuinely involved.

Derek Wyatt MP,
Bottles Lane, Rodmersham.