Questions for monster plotters

30 Aug 2006
AT LONG last, it seems that it is beginning to dawn on the people of Swale and Sittingbourne that the potential monster that is Kent Science Park is a real threat to their wellbeing and their children's heritage.

It is a fact that the park provides about 800 jobs, though less than 30 per cent are science-related.

We should all welcome this employment and any further genuine job creation which cannot be properly catered for on other existing designated
industrial/business parks within Swale. But let's attempt to explode the myth that Kent Science Park is for our benefit.

Let's ask the park and its gang of plotters a few questions which have been cleverly avoided:

1. Who owns the park and who are the land speculators who stand to make a fortune out of this deal?

2. Who are the mystery employers who will provide the extra 5,000 jobs at the park? Name names!

3. With the development at Fulston Manor, the proposed development at Stones Farm, Bapchild, and these 5,000 houses. where will all the extra traffic go?

4. Is it true that the cost of the Southern Relief Road will be about £60 million and that the deal between Swale Council and the speculators is that the latter will generously pay for the lot? If this is true, why has it not been discussed openly? Where do our elected councillors stand?

5. Why do the people of Swale need an artificial country park to replace our glorious open countryside?

John Bonney,
Rodmersham Green.