Online questions are misleading

16 Aug 2006

KENT Science Park has said that it wants to "understand our views" and "identify community issues".

However, anyone who has attempted to complete KSP' online survey will have found only questions of the "when did you stop beating your wife?" variety. In other words, questions are framed in such a way that answering them implies acceptance of an underlying falsehood. The website does not allow you to submit the form unless you have answered all questions.

This blatant attempt by the science park to collect only biased information is no surprise. It does not allow reality to get in the way of its greedy ambitions. Take just one example from its website. Highsted chalkpits are described as "derelict industrial sites of little ecological value". This is simply not true.

Chalk extraction ceased on the site several decades ago and the associated machinery was removed, leaving just three very large holes in the ground. Immediately nature moved in and the former quarries are now home to hundreds of mature trees and a large collection of wildlife, which can flourish undisturbed. The oldest quarry, abandoned more than half a century ago, is full of trees.

What could be the purpose behind describing this natural wildlife reserve as a site of "little ecological value"? Is the park planning to use the chalkpits as a dump?

name and address supplied.