My pride in town has disappeared

30 Aug 2006
I HAVE lived in Sittingbourne all my life, and I used to be proud to live here. I have seen many changes, none in my view has benefited the town.

As it is, we have more and more children with nowhere to play.

It took a couple to fight with the backing of the community to get a play area in South Avenue and years ago when my children where young I did the same when the Rectory Road playing fields where in disrepair. All the Government and the local authority seem to want to do is cover our beautiful and green areas with houses, and soon there will be no countryside left.

The Government says we need more roads, but we wouldn't need these if they didn't keep building houses. If you average that most families have two or three cars, it does not take much working out to know that for every 100 houses built, an extra ' 100-150 cars will be on the road.

We used to be called the Garden of England, but during a recent survey this was not our title any more. I wonder why that is? I urge everyone who cares about the countryside and our green areas to think seriously about how this would affect you, your family and future generations to come and make your voice heard before it's too late.

Let's stand together as a community, voice our concerns and let the developers know that we don't want more houses on greenfield sites. Let all the villages unite and fight for their rights. The going will be tough, but it is only through perseverance that we will win.

I went for a walk with my husband to Bapchild and saw all the signs out saying "No More Houses". Let's see more people making a commitment to saving our land.

Mrs J Honour,
Blenheim Road, Sittingbourne.