Muzzled Tories have no fight

01 Nov 2006

AT LAST, Cllr Jordan has been forced to react to public opinion over the Kent Science Park expansion plans, with added support from one of his council colleagues (Letters, October 4). One couldn't accuse Tory councillors of not sticking together in a crisis of their own making.

Cllr Jordan mentions he is afraid of losing his vote on the science park more than losing the votes of ward constituents.

This is a brave statement indeed. What vote is this he is afraid of losing? Cllr Jordan doesn't sit on the planning committee, so it isn't that one.

Where has the bravery gone in local Tory politics? All our councillors are here to express the views of the people who voted them in at all times.

It seems to me the ruling Conservative executive is holding a very tight reign over Tory councillors and there is no dissension to any of their unpopular policies.

With the science park and Stones Farm developments and the prospect of fortnightly rubbish collections and two wheelie bins for households in the new year, councillors can expect more scrutiny from all voters.

And what about the crass statement from the Tory councillor for Hartlip, Newington and Upchurch, who is lecturing the Five Parishes opposition group and its residents that they shouldn't be seen to be echoing the same views as those others who oppose the science park development, such as Derek Wyatt and me?

Apart from being laughable, do we all need to start asking questions about the local Tory party's views on the democratic process, which is built on the foundations of the right to oppose?

Historically, as dissenters' voices grow louder, those that seek to control them become more frightened.

If we keep opposing the science park development, we cannot be ignored.

Adam Tolhurst
Labour, Woodstock ward