Link road would be entirely pointless

16 Aug 2006
Kent Science Park threat to Sittingbourne's fine countryside and historic villages.

The superficial and insensitive proposals displayed in The Forum are the brainchild of an alien outfit, who lack knowledge of this area of Kent.

Of course, there is some need for some more housing, but as your reporter (August 2) explained, brownfield and in-fill sites should be used whenever possible. The worst element of this scheme is the pointless A2-M2 link, because any new housing and science park proposals keeping within the original Shell Research Centre site could easily be served by much better public transport than exists at present. There would be no need for a major lorry route, slashing through fine countryside and first class agricultural land

This scheme must be totally rejected by the community. All power to those opposing the science park threat.

Derek Abbott,
Rodmersham Green.