Hands off our beloved Downs

09 Aug 2006
HOW can it even be considered for thousands of houses to be built on the green belt North Downs and the beautiful countryside from Sittingbourne to the site of the old Shell buildings, now renamed Kent Science Park?

We are told thousands of homes must be built over 25 years in order to pay for all the roads needed and, of course, the Highways Agency would not consider allowing a second link to the M2 just for the science park.

At the public meeting on July 13, a question was asked of the panel: "Why can't the science park expand in or near the industrial area?" The answer was: "There is no comparison." This would really be an ideal area, because there are new roads going in, landscaping and now easy access to Sheppey and the docks.

Sittingbourne's roads are at a standstill several times a day and with new roads joining existing ones into the town from the new motorway entrance, it will be impossible to get anywhere. There will be lorries trudging up and down the roads leading to Bell Road, where there are already three sets of traffic lights and constant hold-ups.

Sittingbourne and the villages around are already overloaded with new estates, without the services we all need. Medway Maritime is the nearest accident and emergency hospital and you have to wait hours to be seen there. It is hard to believe that we will have enough water and electricity for all homes and businesses envisaged.

Valerie Greenhalgh,
Westerham Road, Sittingbourne.