Developers are all talk and no do

09 Aug 2006
THE FOLLOWING is a copy of the response I sent to the Kent Science Park in response to your last front page:

What concerns me is the way in general Swale is being concreted over. I grew up and went on bike rides around the very areas YOU are destroying. All you are concerned about is YOU. It is rubbish to say you want to generate improved housing. Why build on green sites? Builders and developers should be forced to concentrate on areas that need regeneration.

You mention you plan to build primary schools. What about secondary schools? I suggest you first build the primary schools and infrastructure, then within four years have a secondary school, doctors' surgeries and shops.

You should be forced to create an area the size of King George's for local football and agree sponsorship for the park for 10 years. All these should happen at the same time the first phase of housing is begun. However, I know you can make promises and get the agreement of the council, and then for some reason best known to you the plans that are of benefit to the community will be cancelled. I know, it has happened in Iwade.

It is not just the Swale area that will suffer. People who move here will include people who work in London. The traffic is bad most mornings as it is (I take a coach to London). And this goes for all of Kent.

Six years ago, I wrote to John Prescott about the Blackwall Tunnel and the congestion. I received a reply confirming that a new crossing was being planned to the east of London for access near Canary Wharf. Have I read of any plans? No.
When I bought my house in Iwade in 2003, Ward Homes had promised a play area. Have we got it? No. We were also promised a full array of shops. Have we got it? No.

Developers are only looking after one person — themselves.

Andy Wigg,
Sanderling Way, Iwade.