Are Tories afraid of losing votes?

20 Sep 2006

I NOTE with interest the views of chairman of Bapchild Parish Council Andy Hudson (Letters, September 13) when he mentions the "blind panic" of Kent county councillor , Andrew Bowles the Tory leader of Swale Council and Tory press spokesman Gordon Henderson at realising that they may be tarnished by being seen to be openly supporting the Kent Science Park development. Could they be worrying about losing votes?

As Cllr Bowles lives the other side of Faversham and Mr Henderson lives on the Isle of Sheppey, they had both probably under-estimated the depth of feeling and opposition that the residents of Sittingbourne have towards the threat of destruction to the rural areas around Bapchild and
Highsted Valley and all for the laying of a road to an industrial estate that isn't even full.

Of course we cannot show them our disappointment, because Sittingbourne residents do not have a vote in Clle Bowles' Swale Council Ward.

However, one Conservative councillor who is keeping very quiet on this subject is Don Jordan, the ward councillor for the area which will be destroyed by the science park development. It is time for him to step up to the plate and state his own view.

You would think that he should be happy to hold the same view as that of the majority of his ward residents. If he doesn't, the West Downs ward is up for re-election next May. That is one election that Bapchild and Rodmersham residents can influence.

Adam Tolhurst,
Labour representative for
Woodstock Ward.