Local Plan Inquiry

16 Nov 2005

Local Plan Inquiry

Swale Borough Council have just announced that the inquiry for the Local Plan will commence on Tuesday, 7th March 2006. There is also to be a Pre-Inquiry meeting on Wednesday, 14th December 2005 at the UK Paper Leisure Club (next to Borden School) starting at 2:30pm.

If you are among those residents who have received forms in connection with previously submitted representations, our consultant offers the following advise: -

A)Supporting Representations

Tick/Circle 'Rely on my Original Submission'

B) Objections

Tick/Circle 'Rely on my Original Submission' and add comment to the effect
“that you would like Rosemary Lansdowne represent your views at the inquiry via the submission for the Parish Council”

Residents might find it useful to attend the Pre-Enquiry to gain an understanding of exactly how the process will work. However they should note that this will not be a place to express their concerns over individual matters, it is purely to explain the how the inquiry will work.