Late departure for Arrivals Centre

17 Apr 2010

In the summer of 2008 the Kent Science Park promoted its new Arrivals Centre as part of £25 million investment programme to create 500 jobs over a four to five years period. Nearly two years later the Arrivals Centre which gained planning consent on 11th September 2008 has still not commenced. 

Initialled expected to start in September 2008 with a view to commissioning by Easter 2009 the end date was immediately revised following the planning approval to the end of 2009.

However even if construction commenced right away, it will take in the region of 12 months to complete construction according to the Science Park which would mean a completion date two years later than originally quoted.

Other recent planning approvals for the Phase Two Technology Units which were expected to commence in September 2009 and be completed by June 2010 and the new Ecologia headquarters expected to also start in September 2009 with a March 2011 have also not started.