Kent Science Park in Sittingbourne to reveal 20-year masterplan this weekend which it says will create 4,150 jobs

15 Jul 2015

A business park will reveal a 20-year growth plan this weekend which it hopes will create 4,150 jobs*.

Kent Science Park, home to more than 60 companies, will unveil proposals for new buildings and living accomodation at a public consultation on Saturday.

The 20-year masterplan will change the infrastructure of the 500,000 sq ft site, formerly the Shell Agro-Chemical research and development facility.

It will also feature new facilities for Sittingbourne Football Club, including new pitches.More than 1,600 people are employed in various types of business at the site, although it is still predominantly made up of science companies.

Swale Borough Council leader Cllr Andrew Bowles said: “We need to expand the science and biotechnology sectors in the borough if we want to build a stronger, more competitive local economy.

“Kent Science Park is a location where we can achieve this, diversifying our economy, retaining high-earning residents and giving local people a place where they can boost their skills.

“This masterplan is the product of many years of dialogue between the borough, local people and the owners of the science park.

"It will, of course, require the proper consents and will therefore need to go through the formal planning process.

”LaSalle Investment Management, the global real estate investment manager, has advised Kent Science Park’s owner – a pension fund – on its real estate investments. It has invested £37 million in Kent Science Park’s buildings and infrastructure since 2002.

The masterplan will go on show at Woodstock Club House on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. The plans will then be available at

Chris Price
Kent messenger

* The plan is to create 2,550 new jobs, the 4,150 figure is the total including existing jobs.