The proposed A2/M2 link road


Why the Kent Science Park needs this road

They say "Any meaningful expansion at KSP cannot be achieved without direct access to the M2 motorway."

"In turn, a motorway access cannot be contemplated without its connection to the primary road network i.e. the A2"

Why we need this road

We don't, there is no requirement for a link road between the A2/M2 based on our agreed Local Plan, in fact, the concept was omitted from the plan as there was no evidence to support a case for constructing the road.

Neither Swale Borough Council as much as it would welcome this road or our Highways Authority at KCC ever produced a shred of evidence to support the construction of this road whatever its route.

Double standards from Swale Borough Council

However, Swale Borough Council has recently voted to incorporate this road in the next plan review, just a few years away, and still, there is no supporting evidence. They just think it will work.

It is quite clear that Swale Borough Council has now accepted that housing is the only way in which the road can be funded and therefore they started looking at the creation of what it terms as Garden Villages, but this is a nice way of saying thousands of additional houses beyond what is required.