Can you believe the hype - can you trust KSP?

Can you believe all the hype surrounding the Kent Science Park, well here we examine a few facts and tell a few home truths.

The "All or Nothing" deal
The Kent Science Park have continually promised that their proposals are an all or nothing deal, now they realise the public do not support them, they are begging government to cough up for the funding for the A2/M2 link road in exchange for reducing the housing quota, hardly the all or nothing deal.

£1M science park plan scrappedThe flagship "Bio-incubator" regeneration project
The Kent Science Park promised to provide a “bio-incubator”, in a blaze of glory and publicity however central government came to its senses and realised that it should NOT be funding a purely commercial venture, as a result KSP dropped the project like a hot brick and have instead pursued public funding to refurbish a building as a training center.

The lie about land ownership
The Kent Science Park told the public in the Forum Shopping Centre meet and greet that they had agreements with all the adjacent landowners, this was clearly untrue when a landowner came forward at the Tunstall residents meeting in 2006 and declared that she had not even been approached let alone have any sort of agreement with them.

The requirement for the A2/M2 link road
Quite simply there is no requirement for a link road between the A2/M2. Neither Swale Borough Council as much as it would welcome this road or our Highways Authority at KCC ever produced a shred of evidence to support the construction of this road whatever its route.

Until the Northern Relief Road is completed (expected to take at least another 10 years) how can KSP justify a M2/A2 link/southern relief road- because it suits their proposals? The northern relief road is not fully funded, planned, costed, and cannot be started until at least 2011 and the Swanstree Avenue link road three years behind schedule has not yet commenced.

The need for the housing
Swale has already met its housing target without any of the housing proposed by the Kent Science Park. Swale are to build at twice the rate of the previous ten year period and the South East Plan may even dictate a slowdown in building programme beyond 2016. We are not opposed to new housing, but do not wish to see more countryside lost to housing than is absolutely necessary.