Swale Local Plan

Swale Borough Council adopted the first Swale Borough Local Plan in July 2000. This first review of the Local Plan has been undertaken to incorporate important new Government Planning Policy Guidance issued over the last three years or so. The review is also necessary now to ensure that the first review is completed before the end date of the current Plan is reached in. 2006.

The Draft Local Plan provides policies and proposals relating to the development and other use of land in the Borough, with the exception of the extraction of minerals and the management of waste. It seeks to:

  • apply Government land use planning policy at a local level, including its objective of securing sustainable development;
  • apply the strategy of the Kent and Medway Structure Plan;
  • provide a detailed basis for planning decisions by identifying sites for particular purposes, and criteria based policies against which development proposals will be assessed;
  • present local and detailed planning issues to the public, and to foster the community's engagement in the plan making process; and
  • provide a basis for decisions on the investment of private and public resources and the management of land.

Further information on the Swale Local Plan can be found at www.swale.gov.uk/localplan