Planning System - Proposed Changes to Structure and Local Plans

The planning system has been undergoing a major overhaul. Changes to The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill which will result in the eventual abolition of the Structure Plan and Local Plan.

The Kent & Medway Structure Plan

The transitional arrangements set out in the Bill confirm the position for Structure Plans as ..‘Any Structure Plan that has reached the deposit stage by April 2004 should be progressed through the formal plan preparation stages, and once adopted will form part of the Development Plan until at least 2007.’ Further information on the reform of the planning system can be found on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's (ODPM) website

The Local Plan

When Local Plans are abolished, they will be replaced by new Local Development Documents (LDDs). Given that the new arrangements will not come into effect until later in 2004, and in order not to delay the review of the Swale Local Plan, the Plan is being prepared under the transitional arrangements issued by Government. These arrangements alter the current process by:

  • requiring a second full draft Local Plan to be produced for consultation, rather than just the amendments proposed to the first draft Plan;
  • making the Local Plan Inquiry Inspector's recommendations for changing the Plan binding on the Council; and removing the post-inquiry modification stage.