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"To put the record straight, the owners of Kent Science Park have no wish to develop homes in the vicinity of the science park"

Déjà vu as Kent Science Park announces 500 new jobs

Déjà vu as Kent Science Park announces that it will be creating 500 new jobs in the next five years. First announced in February just two months before losing 152 jobs the owners of the park have already downgraded their forecast significantly only six months in.

Compare this with five years ago when in hail of publicity the Kent Science Park predicted that it would be creating 848 jobs in the next five years, but actually only managed to create 108 jobs.

The Kent Science Park has a track record of breaking its promises and if Swale Borough Council are seriously pinning all their hopes on this single employment opportunity which accounts for less than 2% of Swales economy then I think were all in trouble.