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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

KSP admits that park is still largely unoccupied

Kent Science Park has submitted an application to extend the park by 4 hectares beyond the security fence whilst at the same time admitting that the parks occupancy is only 60%.

Our own research puts the occupancy rate as low as 50% and this is backed by a Swale Borough Council sponsored report which shows that 50% of the employees are situated in just 6.5% of the available floor area.

Even the most optimistic growth forecasts don’t expect the park to be fully occupied until post 2020 and possibly not until as late as 2040.

If the park grew at the same average growth rate that it has achieved over the last five years it would not even manage the lower forecast of 2040 before reaching full occupancy.