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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

Swale Jobs for Swale Workers

Gordon Brown says “British Jobs for British Workers” - now Kent Science Park developers are saying “Swale Jobs for Swale Workers” - which is far from the truth.

The KSP Economic Impact Assessment undertaken by Swale and other local Authorities states that only 13% of jobs go to people living in Sittingbourne with 87% of jobs going to people living outside of Sittingbourne.

That means a huge amount of traffic coming into Sittingbourne to access the KSP – overloading the existing highway system from the M2, A249, the A2 and local roads.

Planning applications for the expansion of the KSP outside of the security fence are not supported by a Master Plan or supported by a Borough wide traffic evaluation as required by the Local Plan policy B25.  Before Swale Borough Council decides upon the applications full regard must be given to the effect of a huge increase of traffic flow on the existing highways.

What KSP call “traffic calming” in Ruins Barn Road will simply displace traffic onto the surrounding rural lanes in Tunstall, Borden and Bredgar.

In the two new planning applications KSP have not demonstrated that land within the security fence is being properly or adequately utilised before farm land is industrialised.

Swale’s Economic Assessment states that inward investment at “Kent Science Park” in the short to medium term – i.e. over 5 to 15 years - relies on non-science based firms which means that the business use on the Park cannot meet the definition of uses set out by the UK Science Parks Association.

That means that in simple traffic terms KSP will blight the surrounding area with industrial type businesses for the next 15 years – the environmental impact will horrendous. 

The Five Parish Opposition Group is engaging specialist consultants to demonstrate to Swale Borough Council the appalling effect that increase traffic – especially in Ruins Barn Road - and environmental blight will have on the immediate and wider area if the current planning applications for expansion are approved.