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"To put the record straight, the owners of Kent Science Park have no wish to develop homes in the vicinity of the science park"

Kent Science Park Petition presented in the Chamber

Derek Wyatt presented our petition to the chamber on 1st May.

Derek told the chamber

"I wish to present a petition brought by the Five Parishes Opposition Group and others in my constituency against the Kent science park proposals. I wholeheartedly support the group and its allies, and I have secured three Adjournment debates on this subject. The total number of signatures is 3,200."

The petition states:

The Petition of the members of the 5 Parishes Opposition Group and others,

Declares that the petitioners object to any planning proposal by the Kent Science Park that seeks permission for either one or all of the following: to expand the site beyond the existing security boundary; to build any number of houses on green fields; to construct an A2-M2 road link; and to undertake any other affiliated building works.