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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

The 'West Downs Story' a tale by Don Jordan

Don Jordan states a number of facts about conservative’s position on the Kent Science Park and Northern Relief Road, which are completely untrue and highly misleading at best.

Don says “The conservatives DO NOT support the expansion of the KSP beyond the current site boundaries”

The truth “Cllr Bowles said he was in favour of the expansion of the science park outside its current boundary. He said a larger park would help it compete with established science parks”

East Kent Gazette 16th August 2006.

“It is crucial to the delivery of a step change in economic performance that access to Kent Science Park is improved, in a manner that enables a significant expansion of the site.”

Swale Economic Strategy

Don says  “There are NO proposals for expansion of the KSP boundary and NO proposals for a new road to service the KSP in the SBC submission for the local plan.”

The truth  “A proposal for a six hectare expansion outside the KSP boundary was submitted for inclusion in the local plan and we are awaiting the inspectors report to see if this will be approved. The plan also seeks the provision A2/M2 link road.”

Don says “The conservatives DO NOT support the KSP proposed road between the A2/M2”

The truth  “The road would provide opportunities identified within the Borough Council Draft Economic Development Strategy by facilitating development around the Kent Science Park.”

Swale Transport Strategy

Don says “If ever there is to be a planning application by KSP outside the existing local plan, then the planning committee will be obliged to refuse it”

The truth “The current local plan has all but expired and should the inspector see fit to include the 6 Hectare expansion the planning committee will be obliged to accept any forthcoming planning application.”

Don says “Borough Councillors cannot by law vote on planning matters if they have already expressed firm views on such matters.”

The truth “This is correct, but Don isn’t on the planning committee and is therefore not bound by any such constraints. However Don has never once assisted any of the parish councils or residents in his ward in fighting the proposals”

On the Northern Relief Road

Don says “The Borough Council has, and continues, to involve Bapchild Parish Council in discussions as to the best route. Their involvement in these discussions illustrates the Conservatives putting into action their wish for greater devolution of power to Parish Councils.”

The truth “The Borough Council has never had any discussion with Bapchild Parish Council regarding this road. In fact due to a previously inept decisions by the borough council residents are faced with more uncertainty as KCC go back to the drawing board to start again.”

Don says "The final section, round the back of Bapchild and over the railway is already under detailed investigation"

The truth "As if to prove the point, there is no route that goes behind Bapchild and over the railway. KCC are evaluating a number of options including going over the railway and through Stones Farm, and two routes around Bapchild and under the railway line. But we can’t expect our serving councillor to know such details can we."

Don says
“The conservative led borough council did not ask for any houses to be added to the local plan to fund this road.”

The truth “They selected Stones Farm as their preferred site for funding the last leg of this road”

Vote for Don Jordan at your peril