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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

Can you really believe Swale on A2/M2 link?

Andrew Bowles leader of Swale Borough Council along with Gordon Henderson conservative party spokesman would have us believe that their ambitions for an A2/M2 link road would not be aligned to the route as proposed by the Kent Science Park as shown below

Option 1

Judging by comments made to us in person both would see a route a couple of miles to the east of the park, which looking at a map takes the route through Lynsted as shown below.

Option 2 

What they fail to mention is how exactly this helps the Science Parks expansion plans. The simple answer is it doesn’t and if no considerations were being given to an expansion outside the security fence this might be viable.

However Andrew Bowles has repeatedly stated that he would consider and even argues that it is necessary for a large scale expansion beyond the security fence. So with this in mind how do you satisfy both these requirements?

The only logical approach would be to link the two together as indicated in the diagram below.

Option 3

We can only conclude that no one in their right mind would consider this as a viable option so we completely fail to see how these two can credibly argue the case for an expanded park and a link road that doesn’t follow the route land owners and the owners of the park want.

Swale Borough Councils transport strategy which is currently looking at the feasibility of the road has asked the Kent Science Park to undertake the study. In a recent meeting of the Joint Transportation Board they discussed the refinement of the route.

Yet no one including Swale Borough Council has ever produced any evidence that such as road would even make any difference. So why are they wasting serious amounts of tax payers money chasing what is to all intents and purposes the political aspiration of a few silly councillors who known that this road is unlikely to ever get government funding.