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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

Kent Science Park unveil the same old plans

On Thursday I attended a largely empty presentation by the Kent Science Park where their great new plans were unveiled to the world. As expected the new plans are pretty much the same the old ones introduced in November 2003. We still have 5,000 new houses, and hugely expanded park and an M2/A2 link road.
Given that they have had some two and a half years to consume and evaluate the concerns of the people of Swale and in particular those of the residents of the five parishes most effected, there is little or no evidence that they have taken any of our points on board.
It is a fact that the A2/M2 link as presented in their plans is only marginally feasible on the basis that some 31% of their work force travel by public transport, bicycle or on foot. This has not been achieved anywhere in the UK, even Pfizer with cash incentives could not manage anything close to this at their Sandwich base.
5,000 new homes will bring a huge influx of new employees, far greater than the number of jobs created by such as scheme, so it also doesn’t even stack up in economic terms.
The largest housing estate proposal in Swales’ history has been marketed as communities nestled between the green fingers of countryside stretching out of Sittingbourne, or some such rubbish along those lines. Yes people did snigger and laugh out loud when we were told and particularly when it was cited that water storages presented no problems at all for this dismal development.
Local conservative Gordon Henderson was quick to dismiss the plans, but watch out Gordon because your buddies at Swale Borough Council and their henchmen at Swale Forward have other ideas. Of course they will deny it but they also want a hugely expanded park and an A2/M2 link road, it’s just that they are not honest enough to admit that it will take thousands of houses to pay for it and there is certainly no government money for this. Ok maybe not 5,000 houses, but probably 1,500 to 2,000, and if they think that’s acceptable, think again.
To top it all they now want out opinion which we can only provide by completing a marketing questionnaire. One that we not able to provide to the Local Plan Inquiry as the Kent Science Park withdrew the plans prior to the hearing, and quickly whipped them back out again afterwards.
The owners of the park have made it abundantly clear that this is an all or nothing proposal so if there is any part of the proposal you dislike you must say No now.