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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

Bapchild to pay the price

Bapchild will pay the ultimate price for the further expansion of Sittingbourne with thousands of extra houses. Why, because we sit at the junction of two of the largest traffic initiatives in Swale, the Northern Relief Road and the A2/M2 link road.

Swale Borough Council simply has no more funding and the Swale Forward quango it set up at our expense to bid for such funding has failed miserably in its efforts to do so. Now in the rather embarrassing position of having constructed the largest cul-de-sac in Europe they need to take desperate measures to bail themselves out of the mire.

So Stones Farm will be developed with some 800 or more dwellings to fund the Northern Relief Road and thousands more will be required to fund the A2/M2 link road. The study for the proposed A2/M2 link road which is funded by the Kent Science Park because, yes you’ve got it, Swale BC have no money to pay for it, will no doubt include a large housing element. Swale Borough Council has refused to make any comment on the study and the basis on which it is being conducted. Why, because it would no doubt reveal their true plans.

Councillor Andrew Bowles has repeatedly misled the public by suggesting that such as scheme will be funded by central government. He even denied that the study was to be funded by the Kent Science Park. The Kent Science Park has been and always will be a front for the largest housing development ever to be proposed in Swale.