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"To put the record straight, the owners of Kent Science Park have no wish to develop homes in the vicinity of the science park"

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04 Jul 2006

Typical view of the Kent countryside

I recently received a rather dull glossy book called ‘Invest in Success – South East England 2006-06’ which as you might imagine is produced to draw new business into the region.
26 May 2006

Five technology units application

I attended the Swale Borough Council Planning Committee last night on behalf of the Five Parish Opposition Group to speak against the application been made by the Kent Science Park for five technology units.
07 May 2006

KSP expansion plans in tatters

Reading the recent article in the East Kent Gazette might have led you to believe that the Kent Science Park has been successful in gaining some ground on their grand expansion plans...
24 Apr 2006

Swale flouts Freedom of Information Act

Bapchild Parish Council has been forced to report Swale Borough Council to the Information Commissioner's Office after it failed to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act.
27 Mar 2006

Northern 'Relief' Road to create havoc

traffic modelling carried out for development of the NRR around Sittingbourne had suggested that it would attract a significant amount of extra traffic
26 Mar 2006

The economic strategy consultation farce.

Public representations brushed aside just 24 hours after the consultation period ends as Swale Borough Council agrees to push through their Economic Development Strategy unchanged.
15 Mar 2006

Bapchild to pay the price

Bapchild will pay the ultimate price for the further expansion of Sittingbourne with thousands of extra houses. Why, because we sit at the junction of two of the largest traffic initiatives in Swale, the Northern Relief Road and the A2/M2 link road.
05 Feb 2006

So what is the problem with the A2/M2 link road?

Well besides the fact that it would plough straight through some of the most beautiful countryside in Kent, ripping apart several villages along the way. You might want to consider the following points...
02 Jan 2006

Swale Transport Strategy

Swale Borough Council are due to release a Swale Transport Strategy document for public consultation in the next few days. It would appear that this runs in parallel to the current Local Plan Inquiry and the two are considered independently of one another.
07 Sep 2005

Expansion without pushing the boundaries

You may have seen the piece in the Kent Messenger with regards to the Kent Science Park and their recent application to refurbish one of their buildings into accommodation for 40 hi-tech science companies.