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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

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21 Sep 2008

What does the approval of the arrivals building mean for the future?

Not much actually. The reality is that although they have been allowed to expand beyond the security fence the new arrivals building is there to support the existing KSP site within the security fence, and not intended to support any future expansion of the site beyond the security fence.
08 Sep 2008

KM Stress test for KSP expansion flawed

The downside to holding a debate between a small group of businesses and supporting government agencies with a vested interest in expanding the park is the rather one sided and inaccurate viewpoint it will invariably produce.
17 May 2008

New developments at Park

In an extraordinary move the owners of the Kent Science Park are to undertake a public consultation exercise on three separate planning applications, two of which have only recently been turned down by a Government Inspector and Swale Borough Council.
10 May 2008

Gloomy outlook for employment opportunities

The Kent Science Park has fallen victim of its own publicity hype after failing to deliver on its own growth forecasts.
23 Apr 2008

Economic appraisal of the Kent Science Park delayed again

The much anticipated economic appraisal of the Kent Science Park which is currently been undertaken by consultants on behalf of Swale Borough Council and was due for publication in January has been repeatedly delayed.
06 Jan 2008

Second planning rejection in a month for Park

Plans for two new so-called technology units have been rejected by Swale Borough Council who was critical of the potential traffic problems even though KCC said that they were not concerned.
29 Oct 2007

Local farmer plans thousands more homes for Kent

It would appear that a number of news articles have recently appeared attacking the plans of local farmer Kevin Attwood, who farms at Doddington near Sittingbourne, to build thousands of homes in Kent.
04 Sep 2007

What is pegged out in the fields?

After a week of trying to get an answer on this matter, we can now confirm that the work is indeed a new water main. Southern Water are installing a new water main from Cromer's Wood to East Hall Farm.
04 May 2007

Election victory for Monique Bonney

Independent candidate Monique Bonney wins by clear majority, ousting Don Jordan the conservative councillor for that last 20 years.
02 May 2007

Kent Science Park Petition presented in the Chamber

Derek Wyatt presented the Five Parishes Opposition Group petition to the chamber.