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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

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17 Dec 2011

Costing in excess of £100 million to create just 1,250 local jobs by 2056 is the Sittingbourne Southern Relief Road worth it?

With traffic relief to the town centre its major selling point, and most of the surrounding network predicted to get far worse can this road even be justified on transport grounds?

16 Dec 2011

Bad news for Swale as the Borough Council predicts that only a third of jobs will go to locals

As the Borough Council weighs up the evidence for expanding the Kent Science Park, it is revealed that in line with the traffic modelling projections, the prediction is that a vast majority of the planned jobs would go to people from outside Swale.
06 Nov 2011

Finally the evidence that exposes the myths surrounding the benefits of the Southern Relief Road

We can finally put to bed some of the myths that a Sittingbourne Southern Relief Road will be a significant factor in regenerating Swale’s fortunes.

10 Oct 2011

Swale Borough Council has officially backed the Kent Science Park proposed route for the Southern Relief Road

Even though many Councillor’s present at the LDF panel meeting last Thursday had no prior knowledge or involvement in the decision making process, it appears that someone in the Council had agreed to limit the scope of the traffic model to four alternative routes all of which were drawn up by the Kent Science Park themselves.
08 Oct 2011

The Southern Relief Road is dead in the water

It was interesting to observe the commentary from Councillors on the LDF panel following Thursday’s unveiling of the second run of the long awaited transport model.

16 Feb 2011

Dirty tricks as false rumours are circulated

We are given to understand that rumours have been circulated regarding the Five Parishes Opposition Groups objectives in campaigning against the Kent Science Park expansion proposals. The rumours suggest that FPOG would wish to see the Kent Science Park closed down.
08 Feb 2011

Council leader supports Science Park housing

Cllr Bowles comments in this week’s East Kent Gazette provide an interesting insight into the substance of both the Councils supporting evidence and arguments for the housing numbers being proposed in the Core Strategy
01 Feb 2011

Mass development of Swale’s countryside back on agenda?

The large scale expansion plans have not gone away – they have again resurfaced in Swale Borough Council’s Core Strategy document, supported whole heartedly by Kent Science Park’s management.
31 Jan 2011

A false economy

Evidence provided by Kent Science Park, which Swale Borough Council has used to attempt to justify development options in the Core Strategy document which will ultimately be the subject of a full public enquiry, claims that the park has grown by a massive 14% over the last 2 years.
30 Jan 2011

Expansion without housing is not an option

Mr Speck might wish to distance himself from the housing, but Government policy demands that the new motorway junction has to connect to a major road such as the A2, therefore the KSP expansion plans and the housing are inextricably linked whether he likes it or not.