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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

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09 May 2018

Act now to stop plans for thousands of houses around Kent Science Park

Swale Borough Council is looking at supplying even more housing in Swale than has been identified by Government.
29 Dec 2017

Your help required!

It’s kicking off; Kent Science Park and its developer partners namely Quinn/GH Dean/Attwood have a habit of ruining festivities so here it is; it affects South Sittingbourne, Rodmersham, Tunstall, Bredgar, Milstead and Bapchild etc.....
23 Jul 2015

Kent Science Park joins assault on Council with plans for 400 new houses

The Kent Science Park is the latest in a long line of speculative house builders to have a pop at the Borough Council’s Local Plan which allocates housing sites until 2031.
19 Jul 2015

Science Park hoodwinks public with false employment growth claims

As the Kent Science Park cooks up yet another growth plan, this time projecting the creation of a further 2,550 jobs over a 20 year timeframe, it would appear that they have got in a muddle over their previously claimed employment figures.
11 Jun 2014

Secretive Plans for New Motorway Junction Fast Tracked as Top Priority

Plans for the speculative new £20 million junction are set to leapfrog all other transport priorities in Swale including the completion of the Northern Relief Road and improvements to Stockbury Roundabout.
01 Apr 2012

The case for major expansion of the Kent Science Park has certainly not been proven.

First we had planning applications for new buildings, then before these were let and some still haven’t even been built, there was a urgent requirement for expansion beyond the security fence to retain Ecologia and service interest from potential new tenants.
26 Mar 2012

Rural roads to suffer if Southern Relief Road is built

New evidence only made available today as part of the consultation exercise expels many of the myths surrounding the Southern Relief Road including the so-called benefits to the rural road network.
04 Mar 2012

Success claims highly questionable

Recent press releases from the Kent Science Park would have you believe that the park has been successful despite the downturn in the economy, with a number of new tenants taking residence. However only a year ago the park had reported a massive drop in the number of tenants based at the park down from 84 to just 60 companies.
18 Dec 2011

Failure to attract new tenants put down to access issues.

Swale Borough Council has reported that it is their understanding that the Kent Science Park’s failure to enact on previously agreed planning applications is due to the lack of access.
18 Dec 2011

Expansion of the Kent Science Park highly unlikely in the next 20 years according to Swale Borough Council

The Council have stated that inclusion of the Kent Science Park within the Core Strategy is a significant risk which could undermine the Core Strategy itself, as deliverability and therefore soundness of the plan as a whole would be compromised.