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"I am opposed to expansion of the Kent Science Park and opposed to massive housing developments south of the A2"
Cllr Mike Whiting prior to supporting HIF bid

Welcome to Ruined Lives Road

The proposal comes just days after Ruins Barn Road residents' campaign for traffic calming was dealt a blow by Kent county councillors.

Swale Council's planning committee has been advised to approve the park's proposals, which include 100 new parking spaces, when it meets on Thursday, December 6.

Ruins Barn Road

Setback: measures to slow traffic will not be put in place in Kent Councty Council follows the recommendation of its Highways Advisory Board.

Warehouse manager Joe Cox, 57, said Ruins Barn Road already catered for enough traffic and could not cope with any more. He said: "Some of the motorists come through here at about 60 or 70mph, and many of them are on their phones. It's non-stop all day long and it's going to be an absolute nightmare with 100 more of them.

"I had a meeting with some of the other residents and we are seriously considering parking our cars across the road to make our own traffic calming measures."

Neighbour Angela Amos, 63, agreed, but was unsure traffic calming was the answer. She said: "We need a speed camera along here so we can hit them in the pockets. A lot of the motorists will just drive over any traffic calming."

A long campaign for traffic calming received a major setback earlier this month when members of Kent County Council's highways advisory board voted not to introduce interactive signs there.

One councillor in particular, Herne and Sturry representative Alan Marsh, felt the road did not warrant any "special measures" and that the residents' perception of speed was misconceived. Cllr Roger Truelove tried to make fellow members aware that Ruins Barn Road was a major route serving Kent Science Park rather than a country road. He said: "The expansion on the existing site has always been expected. This clearly indicates it will be a busy road."

Highways cabinet member Cllr Keith Ferrin is due to make a final decision on the matter, but will be advised by the board.

News of the potential traffic increase also concerned Tunstall parish council chairman Marylyn Atkins, who said: "I don't think there is really enough space for lorries along Ruins Barn Road and Highsted Grammar School has a playing field at the end."

People living on Ruins Barn Road would not be the only ones at risk. Mother-of-two Nina Wood saw her dog Pickle killed by a driver who failed to stop there in October this year.