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"To put the record straight, the owners of Kent Science Park have no wish to develop homes in the vicinity of the science park"

James Speck

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01 Jun 2009

Kent Science Park to develop south of M2

The revelation that the Kent Science Park wishes to expand on an even larger footprint than originally proposed five years ago has shocked many people.
28 May 2009

Sharpe downturn at Kent Science Park

It is with interest that we note from the latest press release entitled ‘Jobs Figure wrong’ from the Kent Science Park which once again attempts to justify its employment figures, that their employments figures have rapidly deteriorated.
30 Mar 2009

Independent Transport Study condemns expansion plans

An independent transport appraisal of the 4 Hectare expansion plans states that there are a number of significant issues and impacts arising from the proposed development.
29 Mar 2009

KSP admits that park is still largely unoccupied

Kent Science Park has submitted an application to extend the park by 4 hectares beyond the security fence whilst at the same time admitting that the parks occupancy is only 60%.
18 Feb 2009

Swale Jobs for Swale Workers

Only 13% of jobs at the Kent Science Park have gone to people living in Sittingbourne.
17 Feb 2009

Comment now on expansion plans

The park has recently submitted two planning applications, one for two single storey technology units and the other for a 4 hectare expansion outside of the security fence.
29 Jan 2009

Banter from Science Park simply doesn’t add up.

The Kent Science Park has been sold to us as a centre of excellence and high tech innovation but basic arithmetic certainly isn’t their forte.

21 Sep 2008

What does the approval of the arrivals building mean for the future?

Not much actually. The reality is that although they have been allowed to expand beyond the security fence the new arrivals building is there to support the existing KSP site within the security fence, and not intended to support any future expansion of the site beyond the security fence.
18 Sep 2008

Science park gets go-ahead for its new centre

The new arrivals centre will replace the existing gatehouse at the park, situated to the south of Sittingbourne, including room for a 24-hour security team, offices for management and a new marketing suite.
08 Sep 2008

KM Stress test for KSP expansion flawed

The downside to holding a debate between a small group of businesses and supporting government agencies with a vested interest in expanding the park is the rather one sided and inaccurate viewpoint it will invariably produce.