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"To put the record straight, the owners of Kent Science Park have no wish to develop homes in the vicinity of the science park"

James Speck

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08 Feb 2011

Council leader supports Science Park housing

Cllr Bowles comments in this week’s East Kent Gazette provide an interesting insight into the substance of both the Councils supporting evidence and arguments for the housing numbers being proposed in the Core Strategy
04 Feb 2011

Glimmer of light behind Pfizer's dark cloud

The decision by Pfizer to close its base in Sandwich serves as a harsh reminder of the world we currently live in.
02 Feb 2011

Group march to stop expansion

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to protect huge swathes of countryside around Sittingbourne from development are-once again calling on people to join a protest march.
01 Feb 2011

Mass development of Swale’s countryside back on agenda?

The large scale expansion plans have not gone away – they have again resurfaced in Swale Borough Council’s Core Strategy document, supported whole heartedly by Kent Science Park’s management.
31 Jan 2011

A false economy

Evidence provided by Kent Science Park, which Swale Borough Council has used to attempt to justify development options in the Core Strategy document which will ultimately be the subject of a full public enquiry, claims that the park has grown by a massive 14% over the last 2 years.
30 Jan 2011

Expansion without housing is not an option

Mr Speck might wish to distance himself from the housing, but Government policy demands that the new motorway junction has to connect to a major road such as the A2, therefore the KSP expansion plans and the housing are inextricably linked whether he likes it or not.
17 Jan 2011

Swale’s ‘Pick Your Own’ Consultation

Have your say on Council’s plans for the next 20 years. Also referred to as the ‘Council’s Issues and Strategic Spatial Options’ consultation you are invited to comment on all aspects of Swale’s future from housing and employment through to transport.

16 Jan 2011

Study shows that the Kent Science Park has had no impact on Swales’ Knowledge Based Economy

The myth that the Kent Science Park would elevate the Borough’s status in Kent to become the central focus of a knowledge based economy has finally been laid to rest in a specific study from Swale Borough Council.
15 Jan 2011

Landscape Capacity Study casts doubt over viability of large scale expansion.

The land around the Kent Science Park is according to the report highly sensitive, of high landscape value and has a low capacity for change.
14 Jan 2011

Policy Based Evidence Creation – Making the Evidence fit the Policy

Rather than adopting the traditional approach of relying on evidence to support and formulate planning policy it would appear as though Swale Borough Council are adopting policy based on evidence creation in its forthcoming Core Strategy Consultation.