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"To put the record straight, the owners of Kent Science Park have no wish to develop homes in the vicinity of the science park"

James Speck

The proposed A2/M2 link road


Why the Kent Science Park needs this road

They say "Any meaningful expansion at KSP cannot be achieved without direct access to the M2 motorway."

"In turn, a motorway access cannot be contemplated without its connection to the primary road network i.e. the A2"

Why we need this road

We don't, there is no requirement for a link road between the A2/M2. Neither Swale Borough Council as much as it would welcome this road or our Highways Authority at KCC ever produced a shred of evidence to support the construction of this road whatever its route.

Even Andrew Bowles leader of Swale Borough Council has admitted that the need for the road has yet to be proven. 

Double standards from Swale Borough Council

Even though the need for the road has not been proven, the link road proposal has also been incorporated into the Swale Borough Councils Transport Strategy and now the Core Strategy. 

Previously it was deliberately omitted from the Swale Local Plan even though the two were drawn up side by side. This meant that the public had no opportunity to question or make representation on the road.

Previously Swale Borough Council suggested that it has rejected the KSP suggestion that a new M2/A2 link road could be paid for by increasing the number of houses and employment land around the KSP, but now we find the Borough Council itself is making these proposals via its Core Strategy consultation. 

It is quite clear that Swale Borough Council has now accepted that housing is the only way in which the road can be funded and therefore they have put forward proposals for 5,000 additional houses beyond those required in the other options that exclude the road.

As the road is essential to meet Government guidelines it would be impossible to provide just the motorway junction serving the Science Park as outlined in Option 3. Therefore anyone selecting Option 3 of the Core Strategy is in fact signing up to Option 4 in the longer term.